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February 2011



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Feb. 6th, 2011


To: Moron > From: Pissed Mogrika


A while ago my computer fan was rattling and I asked my "friend" to have a look at it and he said it probably just needs oiling. Asks if I have any WD-40 but then spys a can of bike chain lube near by.

Now for anyone who may not know....


I didn't have much time to process this at the time as I blindly trusted him. I questioned my own knowledge in trust that he knew what he was doing better than I did.

I went to him for help with my computer in the first place because it was having a lot of issues with dust and noisy fans. But even after bodging together more fans its still noisy as hell, still has dust problems.

So I open up the side panel cause the fan is rattling again and it's pissing everyone (especially me) off. The whole side of the case id covered in sticky gunk. The whole fan is covered in sticky gunk. Dust has glued itself to inside and I had to carefully try and clean it all off.

The fan was unsavable, and with the rattliness of it  there was probably no point in keeping it anyway

So I got it all cleaned up alls well, shut it down, go to bed. Wake up the next morning and it's not loading windows. I give it another clean out and weirdly enough starts up fine. Again, shut it down, go to bed, turn it on in the morning, same issue

In the end I found it it was randomly trying to boot from the floppy drive and it's been fine since.

So why am I writing this?

Cause I text said friend, who hasn't spoken to me for months but whatever, saying there's something wrong with my computer and that I suspect it's because HE SPRAYED FUCKING CHAIN LUBE ALL OVER IT.

Only thing he comes back with it something along the lines of "I can't do anything about it from here I'm afraid."

You know what? Fuck you.

You did a stupid ass thing and when I have a go at you about it you ignore me.

Wouldn't kill you to admit you were wrong and fucking apologise would it?

But no, you can do no wrong, can't possibly be your fault- in fact you're probably the victim in all this!


I hope you feel like the fucking moron you are cause there's no chance I'm going to get an apology instead.






Jul. 1st, 2010


To: Male make-up haters > From: Beautiful Mogrika

I find it almost amusing that you seem to expect all women to have a flawless natural beauty, like the girls you see on magazines but the moment you see a real girl wearing make up you assume she is ugly. That she is hiding her real looks. So allow me to apologise on behalf of all women that we're are not perfect without aid.

  • I'm sorry we can't eat masses of junk food without breaking out from time to time 
  • I'm sorry we may feel the need to cover up said break outs to hide our "ugliness."
  • I'm sorry we spend so much money  and time on skin care/hair care products but do you honestly believe having flawless hair and skin is just a blessing given to the "hot chicks"?
  • I'm sorry we don't all naturally have long fluttery lashes and big sexy cat eyes.

Most of all though I'm sorry that people like you can't look past a woman's looks and focus on her PERSONALITY


I saw a make up video on youtube get all these hate comments from guys and it made me think...

Make up only has the ability to enhance what you have, not change you completely. All these comments of "fakeness" only come from shallow minded boys or jealous girls.



Jun. 14th, 2010


To: LJ > From: An Emotionally Moved Mogrika




Someone posted this to facebook today and I wanted to repost it here because I think it's SO lovely.


It's a bit out there when you realise this is a commercial for shampoo! But the whole thing itself is so well put together I was holding back tears!


*sniffle* Kupo!



May. 16th, 2010


To: LJ > From: Mogrika

So, here I am on LJ with finally everything set up how I want it and I'm getting pretty used to the site as a whole.

I came here cause the other blog site I frequented was boring me to death and completely outdated with no likelihood of it changing any time soon, so I figured I'd do the changing and come here instead. I don't want to be part of a site where the owner is a money grabbing bastard making you pay for basic features.

Hoping this'll become my new blog home and I'll enjoy it here :)

Till next time!